ability to tolerate

See: tolerance
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We know miscanthus has the ability to tolerate flooding when it's mature, but there's a gap in the data about its tolerance during the first two years of growth," said Aberystwyth plant physiologist Dr Sarah Purdy.
Demand for electricity, water, and education has risen beyond LebanonA's ability to tolerate.
Along with the ability to tolerate both severe operating and storage temperatures, it is MIL-STD-810F in temperature, vibration, and shock and MIL-STF-461E EMC compliant.
Since its independence, Kuwait has shown that political and religious pluralism, the ability to tolerate divergent views and the spirit of compromise and consensus-building - despite its difficulties or occasional setbacks- are a source of strength and stability.
Branemark changed the direction of his work to investigate the body's ability to tolerate titanium.
In its engagement with microbiology, it will investigate a microbial population~s reactions to randomly distributed antibiotic drugs, and the ability to tolerate these antibiotics.
Given the plant's ability to tolerate high levels of salinity, its popularity in the desert is understandable.
The injected muscles burned more calories than untreated muscle without significantly affecting the muscle's ability to tolerate exercise.
The ability to tolerate psychological discomfort--known as distress tolerance--is one of the best predictors for success in business, marriage and parenting, they explain.
America has demonstrated the ability to tolerate the millions who have come to our shores from a kaleidoscope of cultures, societies and other diverse backgrounds.
I don't believe we should sacrifice image quality for improved tolerability," he said, adding that some patients may not be able to drink milk due to allergy, lack of ability to tolerate milk products, or existing bowel disease.
The Konecranes ARTG system is built around Konecranes' market-leading 16-wheel RTG, which has a unique ability to tolerate rough yard surfaces.