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pursued and scorned of fate, I have again allowed myself to abjure my own dignity.
And after listening attentively for some time Coifi again cried out, "'I advise, O King, that we instantly abjure and set fire to those temples and altars which we have consecrated without reaping any benefit from them.
He almost resolved to abjure rook-pies and night-lines for ever.
I am waiting from hour to hour for him to come and abjure his evidence.
Zarathustra abjures all those who would fain turn an IMPERSONAL eye upon nature and contemplate her phenomena with that pure objectivity to which the scientific idealists of to-day would so much like to attain.
In 1535, when Francis I offered a royal pardon to those willing to abjure their faith, Marot refused, hoping for an unconditional safe conduct.
Now I tell them that he is a glazing hygienist" Birds Of A Feather actress Linda Robson "The rafters of Portcullis House may have been irreparably damaged by the pressure of volumes of hot air rising from beneath" Author Frederick Forsyth on the state of repair of the building housing MPs' offices at Westminster "I am under the care of a stroke specialist who feels that people like me should abjure the sauce.
The government's rehabilitation policy is encouraging more and more misguided youths to abjure violence and join the mainstream.
We do not have ideological differences with the Maoists and we will fight along with them if they abjure violence and take a democratic stand, but we do not condone their ways of killing and violence," Biswas said, adding this is why Lokmat had no problem in publishing Ghandy's article.
The critical principle established, it remains to examine today's society in an effort to determine which professions a Catholic must abjure or even which he may expect to be debarred from.
In discussing the Civil Rights Act, Roberts and Stratton briefly abjure democracy and turn libertarian.
We believe the States should abjure the use of contingency fee arrangements.