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Historians and legal scholars, most of them in the Netherlands, examine the July 1581 Act of Abjuration, issued by the States General to declare their prince abjured from his titles and offices, and to justify this abjuration.
After the extremists massacred 76 CRPF jawans in Chhattisgarh's Dantewada on April 6, Chidambaram offered to talk, provided the Maoists abjured violence.
At this time (about 1906) Picasso's oldest friend, the painter and poet Max Jacob, had not yet abjured Judaism; the Roman Church had not yet welcomed the man who was to become one of her purest poets.
I'm thinking here of Fred Wilson's unjustly abjured 2003 US pavilion and Antoni Muntadas's 2005 Spanish one.
The 208 men who abjured perpetrated a multitude of offences.
But in the profound dialectic of scripture death and grace are interlocked in a way required by the following fundamental Christian axiom: only when everything, including life itself, is given up (sacrificed, in one sense), only when my deep impulse to ownership of myself is abjured, only when my essential helplessness is fully acknowledged, can I be open fully to the gift character of existence.
He insists that the Christian contribution to U& search cannot be based on the "stupendously patronizing" interpretation of Jewish scripture by some Christian commentators; and where ideas such as Jerry Falwell's ("If a person is not a Christian, he is inherently a failure") and the postwar German Darmstadt Declaration ("the Holocaust was a divine punishment" visited upon the Jews) are found they must be abjured.
When he failed to get control of the Society - the bishops would not support his claim - he decided that the Roman Catholic Church was the source of all his troubles, abjured "Romanism," returned to the Episcopal (Anglican) Church, and sued Cornelia in a high ecclesiastical court for restitution of conjugal rights.
Thomson's summary of abjured or convicted London Lollards between 1482 and 1511 yields about thirty names, and he notes "there were heresy proceedings in London of which no record is preserved" (154).
Of course, Nazemetz, herself may have been operating under a similar conflict, but she had assumed a fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interests of benefits-plan participants, while APM (under the terms of its contract with Xerox) had specifically abjured this responsibility.