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He said that even though the ceasefire period can be extended for three months or beyond, abjuring violence for an initial 72 hours would help the peace process to actually start.
Furthermore, Beijing's abjuring of the role of global hegemon is good news for the United States, because it leaves China with few choices but to abet the continuance of the current (US friendly) international economic and political order.
This included abjuring the use of hate speech, and a refusal to tolerate groups who created problems in bilateral relations, Borissov said, also hinting that public broadcasters in Macedonia should not put out anti-Bulgarian propaganda.
By abjuring violence, the home ministry means that Naxals should stop abductions and stop killing innocents, policemen and cease damaging public property.
How in heaven's name can we content ourselves with mumbling a few pious words of outrage and regret and then abjuring any sense of responsibility?
One still sees some old-timers in the pews each week who have not cottoned on nearly 40 years later and clearly never will; deliberately abjuring the 'kiss' as an unwarranted break in the solemnity of their observances.
Abjuring violent speech and imagery, critiquing masculinist culture, and promoting respect for human diversity--all of these are worthy projects, but they will make little contribution to the abolition of war.