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Shortle and Abler argue that sources of nonpoint pollution (small businesses and households) should be held accountable for environmental quality just as are other large entities that manufacture or emit pollution (for example, pesticide and automobile manufacturers) as a by-product.
Their significance, however, might be better illuminated in hands abler than those of Hersh and Hellmann.
In her preface, Harriet Jacobs declares: "I want to add my testimony to that of abler pens to convince the people of the Free States what Slavery really is" (1-2).
I am sure that no one who has had the privilege of mixing in the society of the abler men of any great capital, or who is acquainted with the biographies of the heroes of history, can doubt the existence of grand human animals, of natures pre-eminently noble, of individuals born to be kings of men.
s simplicity is that of someone who is thoroughly familiar with an extensive field of knowledge and is abler than most to make it understandable.
Although neither Spanish Armada reached the English coast, the danger was nevertheless real: `the Spaniards never had so dangerous an enterprise onus', declared Sir William Monson, one of the queen's abler commanders.
Such abler individuals are not interested or concerned about grabbing an initial order and running off to another customer.
Our data, however, do not confirm the conclusions of the Abler and Sedlacek study, but rather tend to support the opinion of other researchers such as Hirschorn (in Abler & Sedlacek, 1990), who affirm that AIDS is still not seen as a real threat among university students, and that this failure to perceive the reality of the risk makes it extremely difficult to motivate individuals to take the need for precautions seriously.
military was a fairer and abler manager of Indian matters than the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, an agency she considered corrupt and self-serving.
Colonel Kreidler will replace Col Peter Abler, who headed what used to be the Electronic Combat and Combat Support Requirements Divisions before his recent retirement.
it was very charming music, inferior to that of Purcell and Handel only because Purcell and Handel happened to be much abler than the Lawes brothers, and not at all on account of any inferiority of the art of music in their time--rather the contrary perhaps.
Thoreau was abler than many of his contemporaries to see and report on the natural processes that Darwin explained in the Origin of Species precisely because he was in a better discursive position to do so.