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Sarcastic and condemnatory, his father--like their hometown, congealed in time--cannot forgive his son for seeking the freedom he abnegated for himself.
The humanities have largely abnegated their responsibilities by either assimilating themselves to the 'value-free' methodology of natural sciences, or by accepting one theory or another which reduces all discussions of ends to a substratum of economic, historical, psychological, or other elements.
In the ellipsis, the phallus is abnegated by the text; at once present and absent, it is troped directly into a declaration of the female's subjugation, of the narrator's rapacious quest to convert his "temperaments" into the subordination of "an army of these charming insignificant [non-signifying] beings.
Hadn't all our relatives abnegated their sexual ambitions in the interest of stability, gardening, dinner, career?
What seems most troubling to this narrator is the fact that the sixties generation has "sold out"--has abnegated their responsibility to create and maintain alternative ways of living and of looking at the world.
Each one of these examples draws upon broader coalitions under insurmountable resistance to produce social transformation and entertainment at a micro-level, something from which big-budget theater has, for the most part, abnegated itself in the United States.