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Numerical abnormalities were observed in cervical ribs in 19(3.
This study focused on the different presentations of omphalocoeles and the associated congenital abnormalities.
KEY WORDS: Glomerular filtration rate, Severe acute malnutrition, Urinary tract abnormalities.
5 percent) were controls--with no cervical abnormalities detected.
There is even scope for foetal surgeries in certain structural abnormalities.
As both these factors may be independently responsible for menstrual abnormalities, further studies with a proper control for these factors are needed to throw more light on this subject.
Subgroup of 63 patients identifying anatomical abnormalities
The 18-20 week scan may be too early to be effective in some abnormalities.
Fifteen women underwent a surgical procedure to address abnormalities found by hysteroscopy.
sanguinolentus, external abnormalities, edible crabs, carapace, cheliped
26%) followed by QTc prolongation were the most common abnormalities in hemorrhage group.
2) There are three varieties of recurrent genetic aberration in acute leukemia: (1) numerical abnormalities, including gain or loss of whole or segments of chromosomes; (2) balanced chromosomal translocations; and (3) molecular genetic abnormalities.