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In our patient, the diagnosis was made by detection by flow cytometry of abnormally low expression of the [alpha] chain of the IFN-[gamma] receptor on peripheral blood lymphocytes.
Chromium picolinate may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease when caused by abnormally high blood sugar levels.
Which parts of the system are performing abnormally slowly?
The position of the chorda tympani nerve is abnormally inferior.
The exchange said it took action because Reliance's stock was selling at an abnormally low price.
Much new research (some published only this year) suggests that N-acetylcysteine (NAC), or other treatments to restore abnormally low blood levels of glutathione, may be helpful in HIV infection and a number of other illnesses as well.
People in one group with abnormal brain wave patterns react abnormally to light stimulation, while those in a second group with normal brain wave patterns also react abnormally to such stimulation.
If the penis is abnormally bumped or bent, an area where the septum attaches to the elastic fibers may stretch beyond a limit, injuring the lining of the erectile chamber and, for example, rupturing small blood vessels.
This trial demonstrated that the drug completely inhibited platelet aggregation without triggering abnormally long bleeding time.
Surviving juvenile males had abnormally low testosterone levels and abnormally high amounts of estrogen.
The trailblazing singer/songwriter made her Universal Republic debut a memorable one landing the #9 spot on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart this week with her new album, ABNORMALLY ATTRACTED TO SIN.
y Hypophosphatemia, in which the body contains an abnormally low level of phosphorus, may occur in some forms ofs of kidney disease and malabsorption syndrome (coeliac disease).