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He added that "thorny issues" such as the Judiciary's independence, administrative decentralization, and more recently the issue of the abolishment of political sectarianism "ought to be addressed.
Such issues need to be tackled at the right time since there are other priorities to be implemented to allow for the abolishment of political sectarianism," the statement said.
But we have to work together toward the abolishment, first by setting up a moratorium on executions,'' Wohlwend said.
BEIRUT: The Justice Ministry has launched a nationwide campaign this week to rally public support for seven draft amendments that are awaiting Cabinet approval, among them the controversial abolishment of the country's death penalty.
21, 1999 meeting that abolishment of the full guarantee would trigger a chain reaction of bankruptcies of credit unions as corporate and individuals would withdraw deposits en masse.
From 99 registered MPs in total, only 44 voted for abolishment of the statutes of limitation and 55 voted against it.
In their statement, the bloc called for a gathering to reject the abolishment of STL, reject the hegemony of a security system on the Lebanese state, and most importantly to reject Hezbollah and the Syrian state' s domination over the government.
He said under the constitution the imposition of taxes on the income including agricultural income, after the abolishment of concurrent list, was a provincial subject.
Keidanren is leaning toward accepting the abolishment since it has long been calling for the introduction of the consolidated taxation system, Keidanren officials said.
A group of MPs prepare draft law on abolishment of local council at district level, said Speaker of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Asylbek Zheenbekov.
LAHORE, July 27, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Director Labour Welfare Punjab has said that as a result of 18th amendment, after abolishment of concurrent list, there is no change in the enforcement of labour laws including factories act, payment of wages law, standing orders ordinance of workers compensation law and minimum wages law.