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The close aide of the Sharif brothers is still using his office, three official vehicles, a mobile squad, five gunmen, two telephones, personal staff and other facilities, despite a notification regarding the abolishment of the on April 3, 2010, and the relieving of all 206 officials of the with effect from July 28, 2010.
AaPrime Minister Saad Hariri said Thursday the formation of a national committee tasked with the abolishment of political sectarianism necessitated consensus of all Lebanese factions, which currently does not exist.
Answering a question whether he was demanding the abolishment of 17th Amendment to ensure that the ban on becoming prime minister for a third time is removed, he said: "I do not know what were the reasons for linking other issues to the repeal of the 17th Amendment.
The result of a workshop held in Kenya in 2006, this volume for researchers and policymakers addresses the abolishment of school fees in Africa and how this policy change may result in "positive and sustainable impacts" on learning outcomes and school access.
YEAR 9 students are celebrating the abolishment of their dreaded SAT's.
It seems you advocate the abolishment of meat from our diet ("The Cow in the Living Room," E Word, July/August 2008).
Cvetkovic also said that the government would also propose the temporary abolishment of taxes on bank savings interests until the end of 2009, capital gains taxes in trade in securities until 2012, and taxes on transfer of absolute rights on securities, the report noted.
GDN, August 14) for the way he showed disrespect for the dhow victims, which came second to the abolishment of Facebook
It called for the abolishment of anabolic steroids after Rick Dutrow, trainer of Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Big Brown, announced that he gives all his horses a dose of Winstrol on a monthly basis.
Having called for the abolishment of Health Commission Wales in the past, I know this review is long overdue.
MY daughter graduated from Strathclyde University this summer and was ecstatic when almost simultaneously the Scottish Parliament announced the immediate abolishment of the pounds 2000 graduate endowment fee.
The adults-only event is being staged by the Pine Square Community Initiative to celebrate 200 years of the abolishment of slavery.