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They meet on a regular basis, adopt twee literary pseudonyms (Gandalf, Offred, Queequeg), hold trials of books that any member abominates (called "montages" to recall the protagonist in Fahrenheit 451), then burn a token copy of those titles unanimously condemned in what Aubrey describes as "an incendiary biblioclasm of soul-soothing proportions.
11) Thus Gibbon, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, chapter xliv, part iv: 'I touch with reluctance, and dispatch with impatience, a more odious vice, of which modesty rejects the name, and nature abominates the idea .
The axiom about money's inversion of right and wrong, like the satire against summoners discussed above, is merely a subspecies of a broader, widespread, and enduring sociocritical literature against corrupt legal proceedings that abominates bribes and the preferential treatment of the rich.
Borogravia is collapsing under the strain of war and the insane decrees of their god Nuggan -who abominates,among other things,jigsaws, the colour blue and rocks.
Muggeridge's life is an illustration of the Pascalian insight that restlessness is a secret friend of boredom, feeding on what it abominates in order to sustain itself.
Similarly, Bulwer claims that "Woman is by Nature smoothe and delicate; and if she have many haires she is a monster, as Epictetus saith, and the Proverbe abominates her, [A bearded women must be greeted with stones from a distance]" (215).
Though he abominates the innumerable man-made shrines, he reserves the subtle body of yoga as the sole place of worship (verses 33, 70, 182).
Admittedly, the term itself is baggy and unappealing; Leigh Fermor himself, as did his close friend Bruce Chatwin,(5) abominates it.