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The light proceeding from one of these gaudy abominations is unequal broken, and painful.
Though it was faint and low, it moved me more profoundly than all that I had hitherto heard of the abominations behind the wall.
What her answer really said was: "If you lift a finger you'll drive me back: back to all the abominations you know of, and all the temptations you half guess.
As I thought of that, I was almost moved to begin a massacre of the helpless abominations about me, but I contained myself.
But the figure which most attracted the public eye, and stirred up the deepest feeling, was the Episcopal clergyman of King's Chapel, riding haughtily among the magistrates in his priestly vestments, the fitting representatives of prelacy and persecution, the union of church and state, and all those abominations which had driven the Puritans to the wilderness.
I only brought them to try, for Rose is growing stout, and will have no figure if it is not attended to soon," she added, with an air of calm conviction that roused the Doctor still more, for this was one of his especial abominations.
Judaea now and all the Promised Land, Reduced a province under Roman yoke, Obeys Tiberius, nor is always ruled With temperate sway: oft have they violated The Temple, oft the Law, with foul affronts, Abominations rather, as did once Antiochus.
It was gathered that Chiadi's action generated controversy in the community which saw the act as an abomination.
Shame on Deputy Speaker Fredenil Castro for defending this abomination by claiming that this time, if you go around, there is so much abuse of this freedom, they think it is unrestrained,' NUJP said in a statement.
It may seem slight on the surface, but compare it for a moment to a cash-in abomination like Moshi Monsters.
Shumsky said that he is glad that the Russian players have and, by the grace of God, no longer participate in the homosexual abomination.