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Nell returned a satisfactory reply, and Mrs Jarley, after sticking a great many pins into various parts of her figure, and making several abortive attempts to obtain a full view of her own back, was at last satisfied with her appearance, and went forth majestically.
The ill-fated Jehanzeb (19), Ehtesham (17) and Ayaz (12), the sons of one Nasir Butt, the resident of local housing sector C/3, Mirpur, had lost their lives, one after the other, during an abortive attempt to rescue the youngest brother Ayaz, who slipped in to the dam at its periphery at Bohar Colony.
1961: US backs Cuban exiles' abortive invasion at the Bay of Pigs.
The head of the Palestinian negotiating team at the abortive truce talks, Azzam al-Ahmed, joined the meeting, along with Palestinian Authority security chief Majid Faraj and senior official Saeb Erakat, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA said.
If the frequency picks up and you find yourself reaching for abortive medication more than once a week, see a doctor and explore a preventative plan," she said.
Earlier Thursday, two men who had been detained for questioning about an abortive car bombing in Belfast were released without charge.
Family members threw a hand grenade inside an Iranian prison, leaving 28 people injured, in an abortive attempt to prevent an execution, state media reported on Monday.
In his statement issued here by JUI-F spokesman Jan Achakzai, Maulana Fazlur Rehman said white paper issued by PTI was a gimmickry only and it was an abortive attempt to win the sympathies of the people.
Winger Mirallas again limped off with a hamstring problem during Saturday's FA Cup win over Bolton, his second abortive comeback from the injury he first suffered two months ago.
What follows is a gentle generational culture clash involving illicit cake eating, toilet emergencies and abortive playdates - but no surprises and little of interest.
In 1967, he featured in many of the local and national newspapers after an abortive attempt to ride to Blackpool.
Debate was made regarding building 36 houses when 120 properties were for sale did not make sense, but it was abortive.