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Every pilot has their specific high-speed abort criteria that we mentally (or verbally for D and F models) recite as we cross the holdshort.
The last airspeed seen before initiating the abort is likely the last one we remember, and that is the speed we reference when deciding what braking technique to use.
In fact, you can move on to step 4 of the abort procedure and get the longitudinal stick in your lap prior to applying the brakes.
The launch abort system that sits atop Orion is a complex system designed to activate within milliseconds in the event of an emergency on the launch pad or during initial ascent phase.
Crew safety is of utmost importance in our vehicle design, so we have devoted considerable thought and effort into the development of this innovative launch abort system," said Cleon Lacefield, Lockheed Martin vice president and Orion Program manager.
The launch abort system consists of three motors: the abort motor that fires nearly 500,000 pounds of thrust to pull the crew module up and away from the launch vehicle; the attitude control motor that exerts up to 7,000 pounds of steering force to reorient the vehicle's position; and the jettison motor that separates the crew module from the launch abort system so that parachutes can be deployed for a safe landing.
We stuck with the basic maxim of "Aviate, Navigate, and Communicate," during the duration of our abort and egress, with only one snag: communication with the tower was a problem.
Abort procedures are very similar among many Air Force aircraft, with minor differences such as thrust reversers or tail hooks to help the situation.