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With my abounding animal health and great physical energy any kind of mental clouding was a rare event.
Being once safe, he left his horse at a livery stable in order not to arouse suspicion, and tranquilly continued his journey on the canal-boats, which conveyed him by easy stages to Dort, pursuing their way under skilful guidance by the shortest possible routes through the windings of the river, which held in its watery embrace so many enchanting little islands, edged with willows and rushes, and abounding in luxurious vegetation, whereon flocks of fat sheep browsed in peaceful sleepiness.
And I am always assured by the critics of my super- abundant and abounding vitality, and of how thoroughly I am deluded by these very illusions I exploit.
Bunyan himself tells us the story of this long fight in a book called Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners.
The best known are The Holy War and Grace Abounding.
In Grace Abounding Bunyan tells of his own struggle with evil, and it is from that book that we learn much of what we know of his life.
After coasting along a series of creeks abounding in lobsters and oysters, the
Cultivated plains soon appear, where are united all the productions of the northern and tropical floras, terminating in prairies abounding with pineapples and yams, tobacco, rice, cotton-plants, and sugar-canes, which extend beyond reach of sight, flinging their riches broadcast with careless prodigality.
He has told the whole story in his spiritual autobiography, 'Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners,' which is one of the notable religious books of the world.
He then turns to justification and the law in Paul's thought to conclude that the stress on Judaism and Paul in the "new perspective" does not rule out the stress on "grace abounding to sinners.