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Executive Producer Anthony Rowe of About-Face Media said: "Young Neil's courage and determination have made his a moving example to people all over Northern Ireland who are unwell or in hospital.
The current interest in climate change represents an about-face for researchers working with borehole temperature records, who have traditionally viewed evidence of past climate shenanigans as little more than a nuisance.
Now Abbott has done a complete about-face and provided the very information that its experts and attorneys claimed was unnecessary.
As if to forcibly remind us just how different his art is from that of his ostensible followers, Rosenquist has effected an important shift in his work--not an about-face, but the kind of dramatic change that demonstrates just what's been essential all along.
Yet if the reports about Heche and Cypher are correct, they are hardly the only women who seem to do an about-face when ending a lesbian relationship.
I, like management, am at a loss to account for the apparently abrupt about-face that resulted in the resignation and statements of Dr.
If Berscheid's about-face foreshadows a widespread adoption of the notion that attractive faces are average, the implications will extend beyond rating the raw beauty of movie stars.
The program will serve as the basis of a set of new legislation on agriculture the government aims to enact during fiscal 1999, which would represent an about-face in the agricultural policy that farmland ownership be limited to individuals.
In a face-off at the University of Notre Dame, prominent Catholic thinker Michael Novak defended his about-face on capitalism with a litany of his life's consistent themes.
Even members of de Klerk's own cabinet viewed this about-face as the ultimate sellout of the Afrikaner.
And what's behind the about-face in mainstream media coverage?