above average

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5% and 16% above average in the two components, while girls achieved 13.
Small proportions (1-7%) had ever had a heart attack, breast or colon cancer, venous thromboembolism or osteoporosis, and fewer than a third believed their risk of these conditions to be above average.
Both average daily maximum and minimum were well above average.
The size of the equity market relative to the rest of the economy will dip below average; market risk premium relative to inflation will rise above average.
In addition, the increases in earnings were above average in farming, mining, construction, retail trade, and government.
In Nevada, Utah, Oregon, and Washington, payroll increases were also above average in nondurable goods manufacturing and in the transportation and public utilities group.
Overall debt per capita is slightly above average at $1,219, but the debt burden on the large tax base is a below average 1.
Even with the inclusion of about 2,500 state prisoners, income levels are above average, with per capita money income at 118% of that of the state and 157% of the nation average.
Debt service relative to the general fund budget is slightly above average at 11% for fiscal year 2007, but is expected to remain below the policy ceiling of 15%.
The snowpack in the central Sierra region between Tahoe and Yosemite, which provides 20 percent of the state's water supply, is about 10 percent above average.
An above average amortization rate, provides the county flexibility to debt finance future capital needs.
Percentage of LAUSD students by grade with below average, average and above average scores on the Stanford 9.