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Preparation of Polypropylene Abraded Surfaces and Measurements
The spectrum for each specimen demonstrated peaks at different wavelengths and varying intensities, the spectra demonstrated traces of wax on abraded surfaces showed least wax when dewaxed at 100C as compared abraded surfaces dewaxed at 65C and 85 C temperatures respectively.
Such injuries would include insect bites (bee stings), abraded footpads, and superficial wounds and lacerations.
He abraded or irritated the surface of the marble and then polished it until a sublime magical lightliterally and allegoricallybegan to overtake the mass, radiating from inside and reflecting off the outside.
Tests to ASTM D1002 have demonstrated shear strengths of over 5000 psi on abraded steel and up to 3660 psi on abraded aluminum.
Using high-speed video cameras and powerful scanning electron microscope analysis, they found that when titanium clubs were abraded by striking or grazing hard surfaces, intensely hot sparks flew out of them.
Over the last four decades, women's inexorable pursuit of gender equity has abraded the sedimentary structure of male-dominated social strands.
What Venice is this that in a rare gloom abraded by shadow
3)--were applied directly to normal and abraded juvenile lobster carapaces, and then monitored for persistence over time and for the development of shell-disease lesions at 3 different temperatures (10[degrees]C, 15[degrees]C, and 20[degrees]C).
The kinetoplast, seen in the parasite in Figure 1B, distinguishes Trypanosoma cruzi from both Toxoplasma and Histoplasma, which lack a kinetoplast, but not from Leishmania, which does have this structure but usually concentrates in the phagocytic cells, an uncommon site for Trypanosoma cruzi Leishmania is transmitted by the sand fly; Chagas disease is transmitted by adult reduviid bugs that ingest trypomastigotes while taking blood meals from infected animals, and are then ingested or contaminate mucus membranes, conjunctiva, or abraded skin with fecal material.
The original medical records also revealed that while soframycin was applied on Manjeet's wounds for the first two days ( June 2 and June 3), for the next three days the nurse at the NIS, Patiala, used clostagen on the abraded back of the boxer.
The painting has extensive areas of paint loss and abraded paint which require filling and retouching.