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It has been found that operators will typically verify the abrasiveness of the emery papery monthly by testing three buttons and calculating the average mass loss.
3] is calculated from the weight (mass) loss of the specimen, the specific weight of the test material (density) and the degree of the abrasiveness of the abrasive sheet using the following formula:
The carefully controlled particle size distribution allows for a line of products which allow the formulator to select the degree of abrasiveness and scrubbing action desired.
There was no falseness about him and neither was there any of the Fergus McCann- Jock Brown abrasiveness.
Importantly, if her abrasiveness is interfering with her effectiveness, that should be noted in any formal assessment of her performance.
CalciSPTM has outstanding processing properties and shows little to no observable abrasiveness, a characteristic that is extremely important in the processing of tablets, for instance.
Phillips' trademark abrasiveness has been missing and, apart from one break against France, his devastating running ability has been absent.
Their pack are renowned for their steel and abrasiveness and this is based on a front row thresome of Justin Ring, Mark Luffman and Chris Fulman who have all played serious Premiership rugby.
The test scored starting, stopping, cutting, planting, speed, quickness, impact, abrasiveness and appearance.
Simpson's abrasiveness is something the Scottish pack could do with, but others will be asked to prove that they are ruthless enough to make it at Test level.
If you are certain that the owner's son lacks the wherewithal to handle the job, and that his abrasiveness is not a reaction to some resentment by you and your fellow employees, your best option is to meet with the owner.
Tests run with SCC show no abrasiveness and significantly reduced dust levels on the paper machine.