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The Jews are utilized for the abreaction of an unresolved and therefore "eternal" ambivalence towards the father.
Based on this theory, in this study the intervention method was designed to follow the four steps of self-introduction, expressing feelings and emotions, providing information, and assisting abreaction.
I]n Beyond the Pleasure Principle Freud draws a distinction, between on the one hand, remembering, which he considers to be a kind of creation of a version of an event--"remembering [erinnern] it as something belonging to the past"--and on the other hand, repeating--"to repeat [wiederholen] the repressed material as a contemporary experience," that is, as an abreaction ranging from hallucinations, to nightmares, to more subtle forms of acting out [.
The process specifically involves two steps: abreaction and catharsis, that is, reliving the repressed episode and releasing the concomitant emotion.
However, the Gowerian justifications must also create an abreaction of sympathy; for to clarify peasant culpability--justifying punishment by their subhumanity and their guilt alike--Gower needs also at least adduce (though contrary to express intention) the reasons in circumstantial reality that made rebellion right: the political economy was treating agricultural labor inhumanely.
One medical method, abreaction, is the discharge of repressed emotion by way of talking about a disturbing experience.
1) Effective treatment requires clinicians to recognize that the aggression benefits from an abreaction context and correction-based therapy.
In this light, religion often offers many of the elements felt to be important in individual and group therapies, such as empathy, advice, emotional support, help in problem solving, positive role models, opportunities for abreaction, and reality testing.
Also, they often experience an emotional release through abreaction and catharsis.
For those of us who have performed an Asian music (not our "own") Wong ably captures and parses the experience wholly in "Taiko in Asian America," allowing us a powerful abreaction through her fascinating and thoughtful inquiry into the dense interracial and interpersonal politics of a taiko group.
The events leading up to the novel's composition solidified his aim to depict and at the same time denude "the repressive influences in our time" [Preface/interview with Fabre, Conversations] This unseating of repression as the root cause of neurotic symptoms (America's love/hate relationship with the conjoined taboos of race and sex played out as a rejection of black texts that do not conform to societal expectation) becomes, via Himes's catharsis, a kind of discharge or abreaction.
It needs no Freud to observe that her life since the moment of her mother releasing her hand has been a failed abreaction, a reliving of the moment and, failing that, an attempt to recreate the lost milieu in which her mother lived.