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Just as the earliest tinges of the dawn flushed the eastern sky and turned the pillared Parthenon to a broken harp hung in the pearly horizon, we closed our thirteenth mile of weary, round-about marching, and emerged upon the sea-shore abreast the ships, with our usual escort of fifteen hundred Piraean dogs howling at our heels.
He discovered the mistake too late, when Thornton was abreast of him and a bare half-dozen strokes away while he was being carried helplessly past.
Wolf Larsen motioned Louis to keep off slightly, and we dashed abreast of the boat, not a score of feet to windward.
Forty paces from him a carriage with four horses harnessed abreast was driving towards him along the grassy road on which he was walking.
Whereas if we had only had a little more wind, only a very little more, we might, we should, have been abreast of Liant by this time and increasing our distance from that contaminated shore.
For, as the sun was setting, we had drawn abreast of Cape Liant and dropped it behind us: an ominous re- treating shadow in the last gleams of twilight.
It's not easy walking three abreast, but under these circumstances it must be done, sir; there's no help for it.
I like to keep abreast of what is going on and rely on your input.
They cycle both ways along the valley wearing those ridiculously looking "crash helmets", sporting even more garish looking kit, often two or three abreast.
FELLOW trainers have joined with Paul Nicholls in supporting the British Horse Society's campaign to allow horses to still be ridden two abreast on Britain's country roads, writes Turia Tellwright.
To that end, the mayor plans to dispatch a member of his business-assistance team to the San Fernando Valley one day a week to stay abreast of public demands.
Editor Michael Rappaport said "the time is right for a newsletter like this, not only to keep people abreast of the issues at high-tech companies but to explain warning signs and opportunities alike.