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The agreement stipulated that the two parties shall keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of energy.
He underlined the shifts in criminal patterns and the means used in committing crimes, which required pre-emptive strategies that keep abreast of social changes.
This morning such a formation, three abreast, approached me in Paddock, and I had little room for manoeuvre in order to avoid the outside riders, with cars parked typically on both sides of the road.
At present the two-deck superjumbo seats passengers in the familiar 3-4-3 sequence, but Airbus engineers believe there is room for one more passenger in each row, meaning flyers would sit 11 abreast.
The 26 articles in this collection can keep neuroscientists abreast of trends and activities in specialties besides their own, and keep scientists in neighboring disciplines abreast of activities in the neurosciences as a whole.
Hong Kong Deposit Protection Board will further expand its capability for crisis management and keep abreast with the latest global developments in accordance with international standards.
He said that the judges of district should be kept abreast of contemporary changes and developments in the law, new skills and trends.
The team arrived in Bahrain to meet senior officials and keep abreast of the Kingdom's development strides.
Some 35 vets and nurses were kept abreast of the latest developments by one of Europe's leading specialists in the field, Dan Holden; who for eight years managed the small animal intensive care unit at Bristol University Veterinary School.
They cycle both ways along the valley wearing those ridiculously looking "crash helmets", sporting even more garish looking kit, often two or three abreast.
What it says to me is that first of all they [Embraer] agree that the optimal cross section for an airplane in the 100- to 145-seat market is five abreast and so that's again part of the reason why [the CSeries is] 12,000lb less than an [Airbus] A319.
If more than four ducts abreast are required, us a combinations of terminators with two, three, or four ducts.