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zulu Specimens One clitellate; Only one, with and their one with clitellum not maturity developing fully developed tubercula pubertatis Characters Length Large, 185 mm abscised Diameter 12 mm 9-11 mm Prostomium Not observed Epilobous, short, broad Number of Abscised, 135 segments not observed Setae Minute, Minute, only difficult to on some segments, detect closely paired Annulation Not described; 4(?
However, circumstantial evidence exists that, for example, the petiolar scar of an abscised neuropterid frond left on a stem impression is somewhat oval in shape (Laveine and Brousmiche 1985), and that of an abscised alethopterid frond is somewhat similar (Pfefferkorn et al.
In abscised leaves, Tucker and colleagues found that cellulase mRNA occurs only in the two layers of cells on either side of the separation zone and in the vascular tissue that feeds the leaf.
One hundred abscised peaches collected from an unsprayed peach orchard at SEFTNRL were placed at each of 5 tilled areas (0.
We further suggest that the use of N: P ratios derived from abscised foliage are potentially as useful as those from live foliage for purposes of understanding system and community distinctions, although the former have not been historically utilized to the same extent.