absence of feeling

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After that, in the absence of feeling appreciated by management -- that their work matters, that they matter -- employees adopt the"whatever" attitude.
It is that absence of feeling, that absence of hope.
Dr O'Halloran said after her daughter's death, "(Hill) described an absence of thinking and an absence of feeling, very matter of fact.
Co-directors Scott McGehee and David Siegel's first two features, the ultra-indie "Suture" and the more mainstream "The Deep End," were provocative, carefully calibrated intellectual works in which an absence of feeling was a minor problem at most.
The entire group reported a statistically significant absence of feeling exhausted and a reduced need for sleep during the Suntheanine administration period, relative to placebo.
She did not need us for satisfaction, or even reproduction - there were, after all, parthenogenones, all of which cast men as the comical exception in Nature, the luxury, the freak who tell back on thought in the absence of feeling, created history because he could not live Being's timeless cycles.
Put it this way: by the time the plane landed in Greece I wasn't quite sure to what extent the MS was causing the absence of feeling (at all) in my left leg.
Online readers expressed deep shock over the report, blaming the daughters for their lack of sensitivity and total absence of feelings.
The absence of sensation doesn't mean the absence of feelings.
The reader is shocked by the arrogance of young Jaime and by the total absence of feelings of remorse or love toward his parents.