absence of sensation

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Women with SCI may also experience diminished or even a complete absence of sensation.
The presence of neuropathy is usually assessed by detecting the presence or absence of sensation using a tuning-fork vibration or, 10 microgram plastic microfilaments.
The absence of sensation doesn't mean the absence of feelings.
The patient suffering from depersonalisation experiences not merely an absence of sensation but, as in the phenomenon of phantom limbs, a sensation of absence.
Peripheral neuropathy with LOPS is confirmed by the absence of sensation at two or more sites out of five tested on either foot.
The absence of sensation is one of the strongest risk factors for foot ulcerations and amputation and is more important than deformity and skin conditions in multivariate models.
In these cases, the absence of sensation in the genitals tends to preclude pain at the time of penetration.
Or you may have a lessening or absence of sensation which can cause you to burn or cut yourself and not know it.