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On the other hand, each tale flirts with the idea of the penis as an autonomous entity that acts uncontrollably, thus setting at work that absentmindedness, that automatism, which according to Bergson is a prerequisite for laughter.
Forgetfulness tends to increase with age, but there is a big difference between normal absentmindedness and the type of memory loss associated with conditions such as Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia.
Einstein's notorious absentmindedness, on the other hand, was no myth and Isaacson provides ample evidence.
Crude humor appeals to a collective honesty about our collusion in a collective heartlessness--what Bergson calls "a kind of absentmindedness on the part of life.
Passing it off to absentmindedness, she poured a second glass and carried it into the bathroom.
Should they be involved in an accident, they could risk being even further out of pocket for their absentmindedness.
In a novel twist to a well-worn but never boring subject, this set of essays documents various aspects of Albert Einstein's life in vignettes arranged alphabetically by subject, ranging from absentmindedness to Zionism.
the precision with which the former National Security Adviser zeroed in on one specific document in the National Archives suggests focus, not absentmindedness.
This is quite a humanitarian, but watch for absentmindedness through early school years when boredom may be mistaken for laziness.
CLIVE BARNES RESPONDS: Nothing beats accuracy except absentmindedness.
The training required to reattract them to their house may be tedious enough to correct and prevent such absentmindedness on our part in the future.
Smith never married and, despite his impressive long-term memory and highly analytical mind, became know as somewhat eccentric, largely due to his occasional tendency to absentmindedness in everyday things (such as forgetting to change from his nightclothes into day wear before walking out, to take one instance).