absolute condition

References in classic literature ?
If her position with regard to her father was not the absolute condition of serfdom into which her mother had been ground down, she was at least afraid of him, and she remembered the strict commands he had laid upon them all.
Noise and visual barriers around the entire property should be an absolute condition imposed by the Planning Board,'' she said.
This is an absolute condition of this service and expressions of interest that do not meet this requirement will not be accepted.
Israel has showed little sign of being ready to call off or even briefly halt its campaign, and threatened to expand its operation, with Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman insisting that "the first and absolute condition for a truce is stopping all fire from Gaza".
It is an absolute condition that you see and know the light; light is in itself, but we might see it in connection to some other material.
By signing the agreement (an absolute condition of an athlete representing the nation), they become BOA 'property' for up to 48 hours after their gold medal success, during which they must attend a series of media conferences and make an appearance at a 'Celebration by Athlete' event.
So it's neither a permanent nor absolute condition.
Powerlessness is not simply an absolute condition that can be flattened into the absence of power.
Mohammad Ali Mansoor Al-Zaeem, a fresh graduate with a bachelor in English language, said "some institutes to which I applied for teaching, made an absolute condition that I had to teach one course without payment so as to acquire experience.
They are thought likely to be a deal-breaker if Mr Clegg makes them an absolute condition of any co-operation.
Most Western governments have made clear that Mr Mugabe's departure from the political scene is an absolute condition to the resumption of normal aid flows.
Our sense of "satisfaction" is perceived relatively, so that how we feel is measured as a dynamic comparison, not an absolute condition.