absolute confidence

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He was an excellent fellow, who testified the most absolute confidence in his master, and the most unlimited devotion to his interests, even anticipating his wishes and orders, which were always intelligently executed.
I must hasten to add that he had also the other qualification necessary to make a trustworthy seaman - that of an absolute confidence in himself.
And could you have seen the chivalrous treatment which he accorded a strange girl of a strange race, you would feel the same absolute confidence in him that I feel.
He belongs to a country in whose national character we have not absolute confidence.
It was to these two, whom he seemed to honor with an absolute confidence, that D'Artagnan imparted a false secret, destined to secure the success of the expedition.
Curiously enough, the viscount had absolute confidence in the Persian, though he knew nothing about him.
The wound upon the dead man was, as I was able to determine with absolute confidence, fired from a revolver at the distance of something over four yards.
This means that all items are vetted for quality and authenticity by a team of experts so that visitors can buy with absolute confidence.
Shadow Minister for Education and Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire AM Angela Burns said: "Recent events in Pembrokeshire have been hugely worrying for parents - and absolute confidence that their children are not being repeatedly failed still remains absent.
Not only that, but the robust and thorough due diligence process that they have undertaken for us has provided a valuable layer of independent assessment and allowed us to appoint an additional investment management firm with absolute confidence.
He said that the revolution was erupted for great aspirations under full democracy, stressing his absolute confidence that the upcoming national dialogue will enhance democracy, national unity, security and stability of the country.
Our choice fell on Renault trucks to be a part of our feet, because of our absolute confidence in the high reliability and the exceptional performance of these trucks, and also because of our full confidence in Al Attiya Motors and Trading Co, in providing full after-sales facilities, servicing and support for the operation of these trucks within our fleet, in order to ensure the best standards of operation efficiency and performance," said Tarazi.