absolute reality

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Those who try to make Turkey accept things like genocide, that by no means took place, as if it is an absolute reality, are working in vain," Erdoy-an said.
Everybody has their own absolute reality, and absolute belief," said Wolff.
This is an absolute reality of history beyond all doubt, truth above everything.
Tender, touching and horrifying - it has the absolute reality that comes from a child going missing - however hard it may be to watch.
Westinghouse looks forward to working with South Carolina Electric & Gas, Southern Nuclear and our consortium partner Shaw in continuing to make the nuclear renaissance an absolute reality here in the States.
Knowledge is, he claims, participation of a knowing subject in a being independent of the subject, which entails that metaphysics is the attempt to 'participate in the absolute reality of things themselves' (11).
It is an unquestionable and absolute reality that we are in Syria, Muslims and Christians, are equal regardles of the different paths we walk toward God," said Father Elias Zahlawi, the founder of al-Farah Choir.
Maybe we are missing many other things in this way because our five senses are tools good enough only to get an indication of reality, but not the absolute reality.
Whatever the details of that reality, the Resurrection and the meeting in the garden, the absolute sense that the disciples bore, that they had met their Lord as a risen presence, was an absolute reality to them, not a belief, not a proposition they were passing on, not a lie, but a reality from the imaginal realm working its way out with an explosion of energy.
Sounds like fantasy, but for Rhinehart, the character became an absolute reality.