absolute right

See: birthright
References in classic literature ?
Yet absolute right is the first governor; or, every government is an impure theocracy.
As to the minor priests and acolytes of that temple, the result of all this was that they stood divided into two classes, and, down to the junior messenger, either believed in the Circumlocution Office as a heaven-born institution that had an absolute right to do whatever it liked; or took refuge in total infidelity, and considered it a flagrant nuisance.
It's pretty generally understood that men don't aspire after the absolute right, but only to do about as well as the rest of the world.
They added: "The victim and his or her parents have the absolute right to report the matter to the governmental authorities.
But a school has an absolute right to set rules then to expect pupils and their parents to abide by them.
This takes away people's absolute right to elect the person whom they feel is the right person for the job and instead gives the decision making to a few cronies in the party elite.
In the eyes of the law, until the embryos are transferred back to the recipient, the donor has absolute right over them.
It is therefore the absolute right of those who wish for Scottish independence to put forward their case for it without fear of reprisals.
A recent survey of RICS members in Scotland found that the proposed introduction of Absolute Right to Buy (ARTB) could reduce the quality and quantity of farms available for rent, consequently reducing opportunities for new entrants into the farming sector in Scotland.
Salehi also underlined that the Geneva deal between Iran and the world powers is a fruitful agreement the implementation of which will preserve Tehran's nuclear rights, and said it is based on Iran's absolute right to peaceful nuclear technology.
Kuala Lumpur, Feb 27 (ANI): Eighty-three per cent of Muslims interviewed in a recent poll agree that the practice of the word Allah is their absolute right, a survey here found.
He said: "Mr Hunt has an absolute right to exhaust the legal proceedings.