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The famous formula Aeschylus adopts, pathei mathos ("learning through suffering"), does not just teach the truism that "we become wise through suffering and that our knowledge of things must first be corrected through deception and undeception";(9) Gadamer believes it also expresses "insight into the limitations of humanity, into the absoluteness of the barrier that separates man from the divine.
My intent is not to dissolve the Christian claim of finality (God's absolute salvation in Christ) but to revisit the role of Christian salvation in light of religious pluralism, for the claim of absoluteness rests on faith in the revelation of God in Jesus Christ.
Subjects covered include the structure theory of various notions of degrees of unsolvability, algorithmic randomness, reverse mathematics, forcing, large cardinals and inner model theory, with papers on such topics as the strength of some combinatorial principles related to Ramsey's theorem for pairs, absoluteness for universally Baire sets and the uncountable, modaic definability of ordinals, eliminating concepts, rigidity and bi-interpretability in hyperdegrees, fundamental issues of degrees of unsolvability, a "tt" version of the Posner-Robinson theorem, and prompt simplicity, array computability and cupping.
In no way does 'invitation' lessen the weight and absoluteness of the call.
Kosman attempts to reconcile the relativity and absoluteness of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
One of them spun down the stairs, not too fast, no, but with such consistency, such certainty, such absoluteness, that I never would have been able to catch up with her.
Poetry," Bonnefoy affirms, "is wanting the here and now to assume precedence over dreams," a precedence the prestige of language and concept and intellectualized structure ever pull us away from, privileging not the "absolute inconceivableness" of the absoluteness of givenness but rather the relativity of proud human rationalizing and equation of being.
From this point of view, the absoluteness and superiority of Christianity has become more and more dubious in the eyes of the Asian contextual theology of minjung, African liberation and indigenous theology, and Latin American liberation theology.
The Mons setting underscores the absoluteness of both terms and thereby suggests the totality of the war from beginning to end.
One might think that this belief in the absoluteness of love might come into conflict with an absolute commitment to revolution, but Jaromil has no trouble uniting the two.
It is also about the awesome power of modern weapons of war being unleashed and how the technologically advanced B-29 Superfortress bomber was used in a strategic bombing campaign of Japan to usher in a new era of modern warfare--a new type of war, one of such complexity and absoluteness, as never before seen or envisioned by mankind, where in a brief moment, in a solitary explosion and blinding flash of light, wrought by a single bomb, an estimated 71,000 people were silenced forever.
For example, while rulers were often referred to as Alase ekeji Orisa, (holders of authority, the second-in command to the supernatural being), some features were in place to diffuse the absoluteness presupposed in reference to the ruler, hence again there were checks with the structure to balance the power equation on exhibit.