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9,757,283 Absorbent Articles and Securement Means: Daniel B.
Absorbent Articles for Pet Animals: Daisuke Komatsubara, Kanonji, Japan.
ARS), further strengthening the Company's leadership position in the recycling and industrial absorbents industry.
The new system will be used to manufacture a family of cellulose absorbent products from paper mill waste that will be used in the industrial and environmental market place.
Since January 1, 2003, new regulations by the International Air Transport Association require that all blood shipments be packaged with acceptable absorbent products to ensure the safety of package handlers.
i2 ABSORB starts as a simple mixture of chemicals contained in an absorbent material and deploys disinfectant iodine alongside super absorbent and fluff-pulp fibers used in the air-laid non-woven manufacturing industry.
This new facility will enable us to meet growing demand for NovaThin(TM) products and will also serve as a research platform from which we will develop new generations of absorbent materials.
Disposable Absorbent Article with Sealed Absorbent Core with Substantially Continuously Distributed Absorbent Particulate Polymer Material: Harald Hermann Hundorf, Bonn, Ger many; Holger Beruda, Schwalbach am Taunus, Germany; Horst Blessing, Cincinnati, OH; Peter Dziezok, Hochheim, Germany; Axel Krause, Erfstadt, Germany; Mattias Schmidt, Idstein, Germany; and Lutz Stelzig, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Disposable Absorbent Articles Having an Interior Design Signal: Kathleen Marie Lawson, West Chester, OH; Mark John Ciesko, Hartland, WI; Christofer Fuchs, Schwalbach am Taunus, Germany; Alizha Victoria Smith, Cincinnati, OH; Harald Hermann Hundorf, Bonn, Germany; Horst Blessing, Cincinnati, OH; Peter Dziezok, Hochheim, Germany; Mattias Schmidt, Idstein, Germany; Holger Beruda, Schwalbach am Taunus, Germany; and Bruno Johannes Ehrnsperger, Bad Soden, Germany.
is a national distributor of consumer products and is rolling out TrapIt(tm) a revolutionary new deodorizer and absorbent to Wal-Mart stores nationwide.
This proprietary pilot facility will support Buckeye's developmental efforts with a number of leading consumer products companies and speed delivery of these breakthrough absorbent products to the marketplace.
Absorbent Article: Toshiyasu Yoshioka, Kanonji, Japan; and Shunsuke Masaki, Kanonji, Japan.