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It's a fantastic first-person adventure, weaving narrative and gameplay together absorbingly.
The Tynedale lads sing songs that sound utterly contemporary, and it's in that overarching modernity, in their singer's love of the falsetto and in lyricism full of absorbingly rich imagery and wordplay where they bring to mind Kendal's Wild Beasts (think of Undrowned, full of alienation, greed and footballer's wives, with their "system of pistons arachnid and blistered").
Sadly this is all scripted, but absorbingly acted cut-scenes ensure engagement escalates along with the body count.
These were dealt with in an absorbingly honest way suitable for this age group.
Connelly shows us exactly how an investigation works, from A to Z, taking readers absorbingly inside crime scene investigations, witness interviews, house searches, stakeouts, and much more.
Equally, perhaps, it takes the scholarly flair of an Albert Hirschman or Deirdre McCloskey to make the intellectual history of moral theory absorbingly interesting.
Rare for its exacting research and absorbingly written, this is a fine resource for historians of late medieval England.