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Concerning the water absorption tests, the percentage of the mass change of aPLA was 0.
For each mix proportion, 100 mm cubes for compressive strength test, 150 mm cubes for water absorption test, and 100*200 mm cylinders for splitting tensile strength test were fabricated.
Our data support the use of an oral vitamin D absorption test in CD patients, especially in those patients who could not correct in the vitamin D deficiency by either dietary or pharmacologic means," added Farraye.
The pressure test was compared to absorption tests using specimens judged to be of high permeability and controls known to be of normal permeability.
6) have reported the same congruence with physiological expectations for their strontium absorption test.
Other tests used to investigate PVC/plasticizer interactions are torque rheometer tests, plasticizer absorption tests, and solution temperature tests (10-18).
s] vs [square root of (t)] absorption tests are conducted at a room temperature of 20[degrees]C and the viscosity of the liquids so determined are in dPa.
Unlike other absorption tests that use motor-driven and computer-controlled stages to maintain a constant pressure head, this analyzer uses an innovative reservoir system to maintain a static pressure at the sample without any moving parts.