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An opponent of Epicurus, an abstemious philosopher who,
And next, I was abstemious because my way led among books and students where no drinking was.
All drank except Lee Goom, the abstemious cabin boy.
Faithful to her custom, Jacquotte herself always brought in every dish one after another, a plan which had its drawbacks, for it compelled gluttonous folk to over-eat themselves, and the more abstemious, having satisfied their hunger at an early stage, were obliged to leave the best part of the dinner untouched.
I remember that he took his whack of champagne with the nervous freedom of a man at high pressure, and have no doubt I kept him in countenance by an equal indulgence; but Raffles, ever an exemplar in such matters, was more abstemious even than his wont, and very poor company to boot.
LWhile Mike Tindall and his team-mates got into tabloid trouble with their dwarf-tossing antics in a Queenstown nightclub's "Mad Midget Weekender" last time, Wales were more abstemious than the congregation of a Welsh chapel in the 1904 Revival.
I have discovered that at almost 78, if I have even one drink the night before I have to work, the next day my energy is 50 per cent less than if I had been abstemious.
I have discovered at almost 78, if I have even one drink the night before I have to work, the next day my energy is 50% less than if I had been abstemious.
Maybe that's no bad thing as it gives all parties a chance to eye up the visually-impressive array of homemade cupcakes, cakes, brownies and cookies which could tempt even the most abstemious into a chocolateinduced heaven.
I've tried and tested all these desserts over many years, so that everyone at the table can enjoy my dishes without a sense of deprivation for the sugarworhsippers, and with total guilt-free indulgence for the more abstemious and healthy eaters.
But the abstemious look might not impress events organiser Phillipa, 44, who has regularly accompanied the star during his divorce from wife Frances, 53.
According to the anonymous History of the Monks in Egypt, written in the 390s, the monks' health and longevity were due not to their abstemious diet and ascetical practices, but were seen as rewards from God for having renounced the world, fought off temptations, and devoted themselves to spiritual rather than carnal concerns.