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The transition, and slippage, between sacred and secular understandings of female abstemiousness is perhaps best evident in the competing interpretations of Isolt of Brittany's attenuation put forward by Tristram, her husband, and Queen Isolt, Tristram's lover.
Despite Leandre's exemplary abstemiousness, the play's other theatrical elements collude to seduce the audience with the visual pleasures of the Mediterranean setting.
This abstemiousness earned the prime minister and finance minister the lowest approval ratings of any since the restoration of democracy.
Careless to abstemiousness in her daily habits, it was part of her pride to set a feast before such of her guests as cared for it.
Thus was born her trust in "nature to do her own work by her own remedies" and her keen interest in hygiene, exercise, and abstemiousness.
She stood before a tatty display tracing the source of Gabrovian wit to a certain Old Minyo, a 19th-century local of fabled abstemiousness who was said to have carried his shoes on long walks, so as to spare their soles, and who sat in the dark to save candle wax.
But what about those of us who reject Kessler's ethic of rigidly ordered abstemiousness, which replaces hypereating with hypervigilance?
He wrote, "I find that I conciliate the gods by some sacrament as bathing--or abstemiousness in diet--or rising early--and directly they Smile on me.
Adventist beliefs link diet and lifestyle in the Eight Laws of Health, which include vegan diet and good nutrition; abstemiousness (moderation in food and drink); the liberal use of water; sunlight and fresh air; judicious exercise; adequate rest; and trust in divine power.
Interestingly, Harvey observes that the earliest Christians demonstrated a notable "austerity" in their "olfactory piety," and she connects this abstemiousness to the well-recognized cultural connection between incense and ritual sacrifice.
Absurd as NASW's abstemiousness with respect to Jim Midgley's critique of neoconservatism in international development, the incident represents little more than a hypocritical hiccup compared to the corruption, ineptitude, and mediocrity that suffuses Social Work's editorial practices.