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muttered the trapper, as he slowly moved towards the couple who were yet, too earnestly and abstractedly, engaged in their own discourse, to notice his approach; "and none but a conceited settler would hear it and not respect it, as he ought.
observed Mr Willet, blowing a long, thin, spiral cloud of smoke out of the corner of his mouth, and staring at it abstractedly as it floated away; 'For the matter o' that, Phil, argeyment is a gift of Natur.
Yes; he's my boy,' replied Sikes, looking hard at Oliver, and putting his hand abstractedly into the pocket where the pistol was.
As the low fire gleamed upon her, it showed her smiling, mournfully and abstractedly.
Roker, shaking his head slowly from side to side, and gazing abstractedly out of the grated windows before him, as if he were fondly recalling some peaceful scene of his early youth; 'it seems but yesterday that he whopped the coal-heaver down Fox-under-the-Hill by the wharf there.
Deane being occupied with cribbage, Maggie sat apart near the table where the books and work were placed, doing nothing, however, but listening abstractedly to the music.
On the evening in question, the white poets performed their roles in the customary manner: gazing abstractedly into space as Alexander spoke, or smiling with liberal sheepishness, and nodding in agreement.
With his colleague Graham standing abstractedly nearby, McCain urged the release of MB's leaders and settling differences over power with the overthrown president.
Again as with Burke's sublime, the subject fears the object abstractedly and from a position of actual safety:
I looked over at my friend, but he just glanced about the room abstractedly.
Shipwrecked while returning from a royal wedding, victims of Prospero's "rough magic" wander abstractedly like tourists trapped in a maze.