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Summary: New Delhi [India], July 18 (ANI): Nawazuddin Siddiqui's recent abstruse tweet created a furore as it hinted at him being discriminated in the film industry on the basis of his skin colour.
But never mind the abstruse for now; the known ego is always bigger compared to one's social eminence and very often just as deadly, but nevertheless rewarding.
Many gardeners do not bother because they think it is too difficult or involves abstruse science.
Part three looks at performing the craft and science of magic, as represented in rabbinic texts (Toaff's Blood Passover is considered here as a lesson in the dangers of misunderstanding abstruse texts).
She's a smith of powerfully evocative verse and turns of phrase that are abstruse yet easily relatable, delivered in a range of otherworldly octaves and intonations.
And you can see his point - it's a stock phrase that is unnecessarily abstruse.
Available books are few and mainly technical, to an extent that makes most chapters in them far too abstruse to the lay reader.
More to the point, that net spending calculations hinge on benefits of folks not even in the system suggests how abstruse and academic this entire exercise is.
This text provides a relatively accessible entry point for a relatively abstruse philosopher.
Oscar Wilde is uncharacteristically muffled in The Selfish Giant, an abstruse contempo interpretation of Wilde's Christian fairy tale, but writer-helmer Clio Barnard's voice comes through loud and clear.
PSM--a subject regrettably cloaked in that dauntingly abstruse label--is, as I have come to see it, the ultimate intersection between the chemical industry and the general public; it exists to protect not only a company's productivity and its workers, but also to safeguard people from potential dangers that arise from the industries that support our way of life.
A further test for the reader is the abstruse jargon of the netherworld of these nano-terrorists.