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In the first station Tudorella sulcata is the most abundant species with 25.
Marko Colby and Hanako Myers, of Midori Farm in Washington state, were two of the farmers who helped develop Abundant Bloomsdale over the course of several years, and they're working with OSA to improve a number of other crops, too, including chard, chicory and purple sprouting broccoli.
The name, Bridgmanite, was given to the most abundant mineral Earth in honour of a pioneer in the use of high pressure experiments called Percy Bridgman.
Kynan Bridges does just that in Supernatural Favor - Living in God's Abundant Supply.
Scrooge” will be showing at Abundant Life Worship Center, 43 South Jefferson Road, Whippany NJ.
Hayley Hobson's Hip Guide to Creating Your Sexy & Abundant Life" offers an accessible look at a life in the fast lane that both entertains and educates her readers.
African religious scholars and practitioners who have studied and practiced in Europe or North America make some proposals concerning the path open to the Christian church in Africa in the search for abundant life, love, peace, solidarity, communion, and a sense of shared destiny.
5) 6-15 (18) cm tall and 1-2 mm in diameter, each with a single capitulum in studied specimens (it may have more), with stellate, glandular and simple eglandular trichomes in variable quantities, the most abundant being the stellate ones along the whole length of the stem whereas the simple eglandular and glandular ones are generally scarce towards base becoming more abundant towards apex.
The Dewa has performed strongly, has abundant liquidity and strong financial solvency.
Indian banking system liquidity is likely to remain abundant until March, according to Union Bank of India (532477.
Mallards were abundant early during Delta Waterfowl's mentored youth hunts, with a lot of young birds in the flight.
We have now had about a century with abundant cheap energy from oil.