abuse of public trust

See: corruption
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With each piece of new information that came to light he was finding "further detail of a prolonged abuse of public trust and public monies".
They include:patient confidentiality,information sharing,avoiding abuse of public trust in how health and care data is used
She shared her thoughts on what she views as abuse of public trust in 2003 when White House and State Department officials revealed her secret CIA status to national journalists.
Details of the charge state that there were a series of acts between May and August 2009 in which Ibrahim engaged in conduct that was an abuse of public trust while in public office and being employed by the Crown Prosecution Service.
Malcolm Taylor, from the West Yorkshire CPS, described Shannon's kidnap as a "cynical plot" and added: "This was an abuse of public trust, public services, the public purse and,worst of all, Matthews' own daughter for personal gain.
Finneran's sins, but it is fitting the episode that led to his official disgrace in a federal courtroom yesterday and the occasion of his most egregious and flagrantly political abuse of public trust were one and the same: his role in the state's redistricting in 2001.
With no apparent sense of shame over this scandal, he now says he sees ``nothing improper'' about that brazen abuse of public trust, that waste of millions of dollars of what should be public money, that corruption of very fundamental rules of public service.
While Clark's unprecedented rush to privatize BC's public forest may be the most recent abuse of public trust, it is by no means the only one.
It is an abuse of public trust when elected officials ignore established legal standards," Kovachevich held.
It is a gross abuse of public trust and money by the charity and it vividly demonstrates a betrayal of all the hard-working staff who work for it.
The most recent case in his memory was that of Bill McCuen, the former Arkansas Secretary of State who in the mid-1990s pleaded guilty to two counts of abuse of public trust (among other charges), and received the maximum sentence for each.
Voters should be outraged over this abuse of public trust.