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But recently, some professional, amateur, and Olympic athletes have been accused of abusing steroids to improve their performance--to cheat, in other words.
Similarly, the idea that the percentage of abusing priests is "only" 1.
An "at-risk" population, middle-aged women, often living alone and isolated, may take large quantities and/or drink alcohol and form the largest group of high-risk patients abusing barbiturates.
In July 2002 a new lawsuit was filed against him on behalf of a 47-year-old man who alleges that Ziemann began abusing him as an altarboy and, when he turned 17, began paying him for sex (Wanderer, July 18/02).
She told me: `I'm not going to let some abusing priests and those who cover up for them take that away from me.
In a different situation, he may feel anger at the abusing staff person for the person's actions.
Individuals, groups, and institutions: How teenagers, as well as famous athletes, are abusing anabolic steroids to improve their on-field performance, despite the health risks associated with the drugs.
Her boyfriend, Antonio Rodriquez, 23, pleaded not guilty to charges of murder, torture and sexually abusing the girl.
3) While recognizing that the Code of Canon Law already contains a judicial process for the dismissal of priests guilty of sexually abusing minors, we will also propose a special process for cases which are not notorious but where the Diocesan Bishop considers the priest a threat to the protection of children and young people, in order to avoid grave scandal in the future and to safeguard the common good of the Church.
This volume addresses specific social theories, groups, behaviors and prevention programs, and treatments for adolescents abusing substances.