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Tending to deceive; practicing abuse; prone to ill-treat by coarse, insulting words or harmful acts. Using ill treatment; injurious, improper, hurtful, offensive, reproachful.

Using abusive language, even though offensive, is not criminal unless it amounts to fighting words that, by their very utterance, tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace.


adjective detracting, insulting, maledictory, menacing, quarreling, reviling, threatening, ungracious
Associated concepts: abusive language, abusive letter, abuuive manner
See also: calumnious, contemptuous, hostile, impertinent, insolent, libelous, obloquy, offensive, outrageous, pejorative, phillipic, scurrilous, slander, vilification
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HARD MAN Neil Ruddock got an ear-bashing from Palace boss Alan Smith after talking himself abusively into a red card.
At a disciplinary hearing, Gillies denied he had behaved abusively or threatened violence but he was sacked.
Imagine, if you will, living in a land where the central government has become increasingly tyrannical, usurping the basic freedoms of your countrymen and abusively raising taxes against the people's wishes.
Yet it was this statement of the obvious, rather than the destruction of the innocent children themselves, that seemed to repel readers so violently and make them so abusively angry.
I catalogued my complaints, finishing with an abusively pompous, "It's just not f*** good enough.
The Statement of Objections follows from a complaint made by IRI against Nielsen and its parent, The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, which alleged that those companies had acted abusively within the meaning of Article 86 of the EC Treaty.
Last week, FAA stated that police had to be called as a whole palazzo was set to be abusively demolished overnight.
in Carmarthen The party's spring conference in Swansea last year was overshadowed by an investigation into allegations an AM, Mick Bates, had behaved abusively towards a paramedic - allegations which later ended in a conviction for assault.
Even though he thought slavery was "an unqualified evil", he did not speak abusively of slave owners.
The suit alleges that the circus is violating the Endangered Species Act by abusively training and disciplining elephants with sharp implements such as bullhooks, and by intensively confining and chaining the animals for prolonged periods of time.
But he doesn't need telling where he is going wrong because he is abusively self-aware, which is exactly why his comedy works.
Our abusively liberal mainstream media, including The Register-Guard, are hoping against hope that Iraq ends up unsuccessful.