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It shall be the duty of the owner of real property abutting any sidewalk, including, but not limited to, the intersection quadrant for corner property, to maintain such sidewalk in a reasonably safe condition.
The FCC concurred, noting that it will allow wireless companies with holdings in the abutting 700 MHz band to start building it out a an earlier date than would otherwise be possible.
I recently worked with a client that wanted to take advantage of this exception to develop a building wider than the street but the property only had an abutting building on one side.
The committee agreed that it was not interested in pursuing the sale of a portion of the Sharpe Reservoir property to an abutting property owner at this time.
The HVTLs abutting the study properties range from 115 kV to 500 kV.
One reason a site abutting SLU was selected, notes university spokesman Clayton Berry, is the school's commitment to urban development; more than $500 million in improvements have been done since President Lawrence Biondi came on board in 1987.
The casually stoic figures are surrounded by manifestations of energy, from the busy folds in their clothing to the rugs and bedding that look ready to spring to life and scurry away to the clash of abutting and overlapping patterns, colors, and textures that collectively define Lozek's spaces as at once derelict and vital.
Riparian habitat has been established along the river and both of the tributaries abutting the mine site.
Writer Peter Popham promptly sensed this when confronted for the first time with "a mess of highly assertive and wildly incongruous elements, all abutting each other without a hint of compromise or deference and without a trace of organization.
On completion of the third phase, the entire Nedcor Precinct will comprise four "L" shaped buildings on either side of the street abutting two large landscaped parks.
French choreographer Myriam Naisy made her new Petites Donses pour Mammiferes ("Short Dances for Mammals") at the Banff Centre for the Arts, a creative haven abutting the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
Rather than abutting each other like the Penrose tiles, these decagons overlap in specific ways.