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Writing for Academic Knowledge is a freelance position that allows ultimate flexibility and the ability to choose how much work suits you.
Since the 1980s, self-regulation of learning has emerged as an important area of research that helps to explain academic success.
The SSS program provides a research-based curriculum that is a direct fit with identified student outcomes outlined in the ASCA National Model, particularly related to personal/social and academic domains.
Other reasons include the three- to five-year commitment to earn a doctorate, the cost of attending a doctoral program, the salary and professional advancement opportunities available in other jobs, the professional opportunity cost of being in school and a general lack of knowledge about what academic accountants do and the support available to those interested in pursuing doctorates in accounting.
The purpose of this study was to examine, in second-grade students who come from low-SES homes, the factors of low-SES that affect students' overall academic achievement.
Second, a defined CME time can be planned with input from academic faculty who serve as mentors to new physicians.
Students prepare year-round for the annual event and usually have an elective Academic Decathlon class mixed into their school schedules.
They worry that the very values they hold dear--respect for the theoretical, academic intensity, autonomy--will be undermined.
How are smart districts managing to prepare students for increasingly high-tech careers with obligatory high-dollar investments in equipment while simultaneously strengthening academic quality?
said, "We selected Thorn Mayne of Morphosis to design our new academic building based on his creative approach to architectural design, his effective, innovative use of technology to achieve sustainable features and his ability to connect with Cooper Union's mission and goals.
Because of close relationships between the AAUP model of academic freedom and modern evolutionary science, Baptists responded to the developing idea of academic freedom in ways similar to their responses to modernism.
The philosopher John Dewey thought that the aim of academic pedagogy was the inculcation of certain traits in students, among them open-mindedness, single-mindedness, sincerity, breadth of outlook, thoroughness, and responsibility.

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