Academic Year

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Academic Year

That period of time necessary to complete an actual course of study during a school year.

Social Security benefits may terminate at the end of an academic year, or a deferment from compulsory military service may continue only during an academic year.

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Class selection: Student account data goes through frequent changes as students drop or add classes, sometimes on multiple occasions during an academic term.
Among institutions with dual enrollment programs, 48 percent of institutions responded that one course per academic term most closely resembled the typical high school enrollment pattern during the 2002-03 12-month academic year, compared to 19 percent that responded two courses per academic term, and 4 percent that responded three or more courses per academic term.
Candidates will attend visits, meetings and training workshops, all outside normal academic term times.
Four public and four private schools have been selected in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Education Council and the timing has been fixed to match the start of the second academic term in the first week of January, continuing through to mid-March.
The university will be home to wedding ceremonies from the start of the new academic term after it was granted a full licence permitting marriages and civil partnerships to be conducted on site.
ANKARA (CyHAN)- The new academic term, which will begin on Sept.
But the general trend among the students is their concern about losing yet another academic term, especially since students of other universities are already studying.
The youngsters, most of them aged 16 and from across the country, have started studying a range of courses from BTECs in sports development and coaching, to gym instruction and apprenticeships in preparation for the start of the official academic term in September.
Cardiff University Optometrists is open to the general public and offers free eye examinations during the academic term (October-March).
Fraudsters use the start of a new academic term as an opportunity to target students awaiting their next loan instalment.
More than 180,000 school children returned to classes for the start of the academic term last month, including more than 55,000 in private schools, and more returning today.
With the new academic term looming many students are currently in the process of searching for suitable accommodation.

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