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It is clear that children in both Canterbury and in Consett are academically stretched and that the teachers in both work hard to ensure that their pupils achieve their potential irrespective of the barriers, social or financial, that are placed upon them and their families.
By the time this article appears, it is quite likely this shortfall of academically qualified faculty members will have increased to a ratio of eight to one.
They may feel pressure, internal and external, to conform, yet at the same time, they feel pressured to excel academically.
Most teachers defined difficult students as those having trouble academically.
They were beautifully prepared academically, but they couldn't take being away from home.
Like all students at Redemption, they must achieve academically and participate in school and community service programs.
So, the evaluation process is the most important thing that we do in recruiting because they have to be a fit socially, academically, and athletically.
Educated through high school in segregated, academically poor schools in St.
All of the schools in this book are academically outstanding," says Robert Franek, the survey's lead author.
If the required balance between full-time academically qualified faculty and part-time adjunct faculty is not maintained, a business school or an accounting program runs the risk of losing its accreditation.
The results further indicated thatamong the factors thought to inhibit their academic successFinings showed that those African American males who had limited literacy activities did not perform as well academically as the students who did.