accept an offer

References in classic literature ?
He had actually so far extinguished the natural noble Sensibility of her Heart, as to prevail on her to accept an offer from a young Man of his Recommendation.
If I accept an offer like this," Granet protested, "I shall be pleading guilty to all the rubbish you have talked.
Union chiefs are split over whether to accept an offer at the Joint Negotiating Council or JNC which could spell an end to the row over pay and conditions.
The IRS may accept an offer of less than a case's total reasonable collection potential if there are special circumstances.
Before deciding whether to accept an offer to join an audit committee, CPAs should take these steps:
7122-1T expanded the grounds on which the IRS may accept an offer in compromise of a tax liability to include "economic hardship" cases.
The rule, which applies only to compromises based on collectibility, authorizes certain IRS officials (district directors, service center directors, the director of the Austin Service Center and regional directors of appeals) to accept an offer regardless of whether IRS counsel has approved it and regardless of the amount being compromised.
The new policy statement clearly states that the Service will accept an offer if the amount offered reasonably reflects collection potential.
The IRS should accept an offer if it agrees it is unlikely the taxes can be collected in full and the amount offered "reasonably reflects collection potential" and is "consistent with the taxpayer's ability to pay.
For example, in the case of jointly held assets, revenue officers can accept an offer if the taxpayer pledges at least 20% of the equity in these otherwise nonleviable assets.