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One of the rare acceptations of the word "nothing" in the phrase "of nothing" is "of no account.
Therefore, the issue of optimizing earthquake induced damage cost needs to be taken into account adequately, which may lead to acceptation of some risks in earthquake resistant design philosophies.
Je souhaiterais qualifier cette liberte individuelle l'affirmation du moi freudien, cette acceptation d'enfin psychanalyser un mal-etre francais qui dure depuis de XIXeme siecle.
SANA'A, April 28 (Saba)-President Ali Abdullah Saleh has renewed the acceptation of the Gulf Cooperation Council mediation to resolve the crisis in Yemen, pointing out that the government will sign a Gulf initiative in order to avoid the bloodshed and end the chaos and protesters that had paralyzed development and worried citizens.
Study," in its ordinary acceptation, began simultaneously and inseparably with the invention of literacy, while the latter, in its alphabetical modality, came to be in the process of transmitting through study, i.
He also said that, with the acceptation of the constitutional changing in last referendum, which held on September 12, Turkey became more democratic country.
On the contrary Jen-paul Jacob (Inrap's current president) is quite pessimistic, referring to 'a moving and ill-understood regulatory landscape, a break-up of the research community, an embryonic dissemination of the data, an insufficient pay-back to the public and a )gagile acceptation of archaeology by the community' (p.
At first, he values an acceptation of suffering through reconciliation with time, and puts the onus on the divine to refute the dismembering of the oneness of meaning and unity of the soul's quest for joy in eternity.
Having reviewed the gains and laws of the cultural sector in Tunisia since the November 7 Change which helped hoist culture people to the status of full-fledged partnership as part of a reforming approach aimed to establish a democratic society in which intelligence and creation benefit of great care, the minister pointed out that the presidential project has made of culture, in its comprehensive acceptation, one of the foundations of the political, economic and social development.
Chacun devrait connaitre son champ d'application et oeuvrer dans la transparence et l acceptation de l autre.
Dans le sillage des reconnaissances etatique et federale du multiculturalisme et en syntonie avec le discours neozapatiste sur les droits autochtones, la reconnaissance des us et coutumes au niveau municipal fut interpretee comme une acceptation plus vaste du droit coutumier--qui, comme le souligne Recondo, n'est pas necessairement ancestral, car la coutume peut etre une invention recente.