accepted belief

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I know that the generally accepted belief is quite the reverse.
Little Dorrit's interest in the fair subject of this easily accepted belief was too earnest and watchful to fail in accurate observation.
Coins recently found underneath Jerusalem's Western Wall could change the accepted belief about the construction of one of the world's most sacred sites two millennia ago, Israeli archaeologists said.
The findings run contrary to the widely accepted belief that blacks are less susceptible to MS, according to the researchers.
The findings of this study contrast the widely accepted belief that watching TV, reading or playing computer games ruins vision.
Today, throughout the industry it is a common and accepted belief that the future of television will be found through a computer with an internet connection.
The ETS analysis quantifies the primary antioxidants associated with the widely accepted belief that moderate wine consumption can promote good health.
Somewhat surprisingly, the survey findings raised questions about the widely accepted belief that savings success depends mainly on financial knowledge.
Their efforts gave yet another boost to the widely accepted belief that terrorists across Africa are killing elephants and selling the ivory to finance their attacks.
Survey Background To test the generally accepted belief that conservatives do not support clean energy solutions, ClearPath engaged three prominent GOP polling firms to test voters' responses to clean energy messages.
Much of the pain in the oil market is down to the fact that there was a generally accepted belief that the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) would support an unofficial oil price floor around $90 (through controlling supply).
Although it is the accepted belief in Turkey, there is no wording in the Treaty of Lausanne stating that these minority groups are solely Greek, Jewish and Armenian.