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The reason this is now the widely used and widely accepted meaning is the sheer scale of violence of President Duterte's so-called war on drugs.
On November 2015 however, plans were accepted meaning the lucky new owner has planning permission already in the place.
Intending his dictionary for a cross section of readers from students to finance professionals, Raste, an associate professor of accountancy and commerce, defines the terms with the most commonly accepted meaning, and uses clear, easy to understand language to help readers find the information they need.
But, opponents of the Cybor standard theorize that de novo review is a mistake in other instances where factual findings regarding, for example, the level of ordinary skill in the pertinent art of the patented invention, the definition of that art, and that art's accepted meaning of certain claim terms are relevant to the construction.
If 'engineer' has a generally accepted meaning in everyday parlance, no amount of harrumphing will change that.
Incidentally, the word "Universal" in "UHC" doesn't have a universally accepted meaning.
THE word "marriage" is one of ancient origin, widespread usage and conveys a universally accepted meaning.
Their hope is that the four research-based components they suggest--human capital, social capital, program coherence, and resources (building on Hatch, 2009; Elmore, 2000; Fullan, 2000; Spillane & Thompson, 1997; Corcoran & Goertz, 1995)--will stimulate discussion of a widely accepted meaning of capacity in both research and practice.
The word vampire is not included in the glossary and there is no indication that the commonly accepted meaning of this term is based on folklore.
In so doing, it also directly challenges the commonly accepted meaning of cultural appropriateness found among Indigenous scholars.
White moves to correct the imbalance in modern scholarship by clearly showing that for the majority of texts in pre-modern India, both before and after Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, the idea of union or yoking was the accepted meaning of the word yoga.
Does telling ATC I need to land "without delay" when dealing with minimum fuel have any accepted meaning (whether or not minimum fuel is stated)?