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With a setting modification to the database, as well as countless verification to optimize the guard band, Kilopass has been able to reduce the access time to as much as 40ns.
Lastly, it provides random access times on the order of minutes, an unacceptably slow performance for many archival applications.
Overall, the average system access time has improved by a factor of three.
is shipping its 8Kx8 SRAM (P4C164) with 12ns access time in PDIP and SOJ packages with JEDEC-compatible pin configurations.
Broad ranges continue to exist within all four parameters and some obvious access time and cost gaps remain within the hierarchy.
Pioneer: Pioneer's new DRM-604X CD-ROM Minichanger, which is Photo CD-compatible, is the only system that allows users to access up to six CD-ROM disc s in a single cartridge, while providing them with an improved access time of 350 milliseconds .