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LANCASTER -- As part of Lancaster Accessibility Awareness Month activities, the Lancaster Commission on Disability (COD) will be evaluating businesses to determine their levels of accessibility and compliance to ADA requirements.
As the DOJ grows closer to completing the regulatory process, many businesses, including those in the banking industry, have begun focusing on the accessibility of their websites to pre-empt any possible litigation.
The Bureau of Internet Accessibility was established in 2001 as an advocacy group by Internet programmers who saw the need for a resource to support Internet accessibility initiatives and to scan websites for accessibility issues, while also providing guidance as to how to address these issues.
The accessibility team can be reached via email at oboaccess@state.
Next month at the EDU-CAUSE annual national conference, web accessibility will get the lion's share of the agenda.
He was a very accepting person with a variety of interests such as poetry, technology, accessibility, support of the arts, and improvisational dance.
To improve the community centre's accessibility and provide better access for people with disabilities to the public library, public Internet access site, fitness class, seniors group and the Early Years Centre.
Job accessibility is an important aspect of urban spatial structure and has been examined in various ways.
An attorney for the plaintiffs said Monday that he wants more information provided to ensure that the district fulfills its pledge to its 85,000 disabled students and that the money is really going for accessibility improvements.
Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments, which marks its one-year anniversary on June 21, mandates that federal agencies ensure that all electronic and information technologies purchased, maintained or developed meet the accessibility standards established by the U.
A driving force to Web accessibility came in June when the Section 508 amendment was added to the Rehabilitation Act of 1974, prohibiting federal agencies from using electronic information inaccessible to people with disabilities.
NIST, along with with a private company and the Information Technology Association of America, co-sponsored the IT Accessibility 2001 Conference in May 2001, at NIST.