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L'Arche Hamilton recently received $9,110 through the Enabling Accessibility Fund to enhance access to their facility and eliminate physical barriers for Canadians with disabilities.
To check if a place is wheelchair-friendly, one can tap the two-line description of the place to view information on its features, such as amenities and accessibility.
In October 2016, CoSN released a Digital Accessibility Toolkit in collaboration with the Center on Technology and Disability.
Through this acquisition, Blackboard is strengthening its focus on accessibility both by offering itself as an accessibility partner for the institution and by expanding its internal capacity through the addition of the Fronteer team to drive advancements in accessibility.
Founded in 2003, the Special Interest Group (GA-SIG) within the International Game Developer's Association (IGDA) is made up of volunteers who have a passion for game accessibility.
com)-- VASTEC, a leading provider of scanning and digitization services to government and industry, is proud to announce it is one of a few companies in the industry with a team fully dedicated to providing accessibility and Section 508 services.
They cover modeling accessibility and spatial interaction, the social and spatial dimension of accessibility, and accessibility as a driver of spatial interaction.
LANCASTER -- As part of Lancaster Accessibility Awareness Month activities, the Lancaster Commission on Disability (COD) will be evaluating businesses to determine their levels of accessibility and compliance to ADA requirements.
The Department is currently developing regulations specifically addressing the accessibility of goods and services offered via the Web by entities covered by the ADA.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-April 22, 2014-AudioEye, Bureau of Internet Accessibility partner to provide accessibility validation
The phrase occurs to me as I reflect on the evolution of information technology (IT) accessibility during the twenty years that have passed since this journal was first published.
E-learning and disability in higher education; accessibility research and practice, 2d ed.